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If I Knew Then …

Antwanye Ford PRESIDENT AND CEO, ENLIGHTENED INC. Background:  Antwanye Ford is the president and CEO of Enlightened Inc., an information-technology and management-consulting firm. Ford has more than 20 years of experience in government IT and cybersecu ... Read More

What You Should Already Be Doing for Your Network Security

Almost daily, we hear about another well-known company experiencing a data breach. Hackers are repeatedly successful at exploiting vulnerabilities in the network to make off with the personal information of thousands of customers. These breaches end up put ... Read More

TLS/SSL Security for Websites

What if I told you that the TLS/SSL protocols can provide impenetrable protection for your company’s website? While completely untrue (nothing is impenetrable),TLS/SSL can provide strong data privacy, dependable data integrity and accurate server authent ... Read More

Full Disk Encryption: Do We Need It?

Companies should consider implementing full disk encryption alongside other encryption methods on mobile devices. Let’s be honest for a moment: when it comes to cyber security habits, companies aren’t typically interested in investing the proper time, ... Read More

Saving Lives Starts with Protecting Our Hospitals

Healthcare organizations and the patients they serve have to step up to ensure that medical records and devices are secured from hackers.  Enlightened, Inc’s CEO Antwanye Ford penned an article for Information Week on the cybersecurity risks in the ... Read More

Next Big Future and Expert Advice On Cybersecurity

Enlightened, Inc’s CEO, Antwanye Ford recently had the opportunity chat with Brian Wang of Next Big Future about business growth, partnership, and cybersecurity trends! Is your business cyber-ready for 2018? Read More Read More

5 New Cybersecurity Tools for Businesses

The mounting number of company computer and data system breaches illustrates that it’s no longer a question of if your company’s sensitive data will be hacked, but when. Data analytics researcher Juniper Research predicts that data breach cos ... Read More

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