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TLS/SSL Security for Websites

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What if I told you that the TLS/SSL protocols can provide impenetrable protection for your company’s website? While completely untrue (nothing is impenetrable),TLS/SSL can provide strong data privacy, dependable data integrity and accurate server authentication to give you and your customers some peace of mind.

Imagine waking up one morning to the news that your company has suffered a data breach. While reading the headlines, you learn that the hacker was able to steal the usernames, passwords, addresses and payment information of 85,000 customers. In the following days and weeks, you eventually learn from investigators that the hacker was able to get this information quite easily because your company’s web pages were not secure.

As a result of this simple oversight, your company will spend millions of dollars for forensic experts, PR firms, litigation fees and more. Additionally, the revenue and stock prices plummet as consumers decide to take their business and their stock portfolio elsewhere.

To be hacked or not hacked, that is the question!

Thankfully, the likelihood of the above scenario can be reduced through taking steps to ensure that your company’s web pages are secure. If you have ever surfed the web, you have probably seen URLs that start with “https.” The ‘s’ stands for secure and lets a web browser know that the website it is connecting to is secure and legitimate.

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