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Enlightened’s OPM EPIC Contract Rewarded Renewal for Continued Development and Enhancements

WASHINGTON (SEPTEMBER 2017): Enlightened, Inc., a leading Information Technology (IT) consulting firm delivering Cyber Security, System Integration, and Management Consulting solutions, announced today that they would continue to support the EPIC Application Development project at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

The new contract celebrates the continuation of a six- year partnership between OPM and Enlightened Inc. For those six years, Enlightened has been actively supporting this project through a range of configuration management services and as a result, has indirectly supported all federal agencies who rely on OPM to successfully process the security clearances of their employees.

“This is a very critical task for the government because if you work for the government and you get a security clearance, generally, you are doing it through OPM and the application that we support is involved with this,” said Neeraj Nigam, Enlightened Project Manager for OPM EPIC. “Our role in this project has been evolving and now we have a more direct role so we are able to have a greater influence on how this project goes. We are showing how good of a job we are doing so we are gaining more and more responsibility and trust.”

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