NY Mailroom Management

Enlightened contributed directly to efficiency of everyday processes improving quality assurance and producing cost savings.


Xerox, and ultimately, the state of New York tasked Enlightened with processing the NY EZPass payments for commuters as this payment center handles large volumes of payments and correspondence from consumers and employers that must be sorted and scanned.


The Enlightened team accomplished their tasks through their day to day activities which included opening and scanning incoming mail, data capture, entry, and correction. Enlightened also included operations, reconciliation, and balancing alongside other duties.


Ultimately, as the result of this project, the state of New York experienced more efficient execution of everyday processes regarding the EZ Pass system.

Services Provided

  • Full time center management
  • Training and development
  • Supervisory staff
  • Quality assurance measures for all staff
  • Performance management of all staff
  • Weekly reporting to Executive staff
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