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Enlightened develops and provides training programs for those on the front lines of the nation's cybersecurity efforts.


Enlightened was tasked by the Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) to develop a course curriculum for five-day courses in “Investigating the Dark Web” and “Social Media Investigations Course”. This ensured that ATA employees ultimately understand and utilize the Deep/Dark Web and Encrypted Applications as an investigative resource as well as social media platforms to gain investigative insights.


Through lecture and practical exercises, the Enlightened Team provided participants with hands-on technical approaches on how to access the Deep/Dark Web to further an investigation or collect potentially actionable information. Through this hands-on approach, participants also learned how to monitor and engage in social media communications to further terrorism investigations.


Enlightened’s cyber subject matter expertise resulted in the development of lesson plans and course material that met the vital training requirements for the Office of Antiterrorism Assistance and therefore, was well received by the ATA.

Services Provided

  • Development and design of five-day course on Investigating the Dark Web (IDW)
  • Development and design of five-day Social Media Investigations Course (SMIC)
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