Ginnie Mae Information Technology Program Management Support Office

Enlightened worked to standardize processes, allowing for enhanced efficiencies and a greater understanding of existing IT risks.


As a prime contractor for Ginnie Mae, Enlightened Inc. was tasked with developing a Program Management Support Office (PMO) as well as with managing all of Ginnie Mae’s enterprise efforts (projects, reviews, audits, etc.) to ensure that all projects were on time, on scope, on quality, and on contract.


To accomplish the task, Enlightened chose to standardize many of Ginnie Mae’s processes to enhance their efficiency. For example, Enlightened established Quality Management Guidelines as well as a Full-Lifecycle Risk Management process. Additionally, Enlightened developed a PMO Procedures Manual and constructed processes to control costs and budget as well as audit and compliance standards.


Since the business function of Ginnie Mae is about managing risk in the housing market, Enlightened enabled Ginnie Mae to attain a greater understanding of the IT risks that exist. Additionally, Ginnie Mae gained a further understanding on how to manage those same risks and interdependencies. Senior officials also received true decision and predictive analysis tools which allowed them to manage their strategy and not the details of their supporting projects.

Services Provided

  • Establishment of a PMO staffed with Project Management Experts
  • Expertise in Cost/Budget control
  • Support for federal Audits and internal Compliance
  • Provided Executives with Predictive analysis for projects
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