CMO Frankfurt IV&V for Embassies Kabul & Baghdad

Enlightened established a centralized methodology that resulted in a reduction of upfront time on all administrative functions.


The challenge was to establish a centralized methodology within multiple contracting offices and to provide support in high-threat environments.


Enlightened strove to establish and standardize PMOs which resulted in the reduction of upfront time on all administration functions.


Ultimately, Enlightened reduced the time to meet deadlines by multi-tasking, prioritizing, and executing task against the assigned workload. In addition, a collaborative work environment was created to increase problem-solving capability. Department and team training ensured adherence to all DOS/CMO Policies, procedures, and compliance with the Department of State Foreign Affairs Manual and the Foreign Affairs Handbook.

Services Provided

  • Established a Program Management Office (PMO) to support Mission Afghanistan
  • Conducted semi-annual audits to prevent Trafficking in Persons
  • Conducted quality assurance assessments
  • In Baghdad, provided contract administration to support the entire program with ongoing contractual/acquisition activities
  • Provided qualified and skilled contractor personnel for reviewing contract related submissions
  • Monitored the receipt of contractor deliverables and supported the COs and CORs in contract related actions
  • In Frankfurt, provided assessment, planning and implementation support
  • Provided organizational analysis, an independent management-level review, recommendations and techniques for the current state of activities, analyzed alternatives for future improvements
  • Created a roadmap for implementation of necessary changes and related Bureau initiatives for future operations
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