EPIC Transformation Application Development

Enlightened works within client-specified methodologies to provide a custom software development services.


OPM tasked Enlightened with providing software development cycle for application development.


To ensure successful project delivery, Enlightened utilized OPM SDLC methodologies to ensure proper management of the various documents and reviewed such documents from the CaliberRM system. As part of the development phase of this project, Enlightened developers unit tested each component that was built by utilizing a mock object Test Driven Development (TDD) approach. TDD allowed programmers to test at the component level quickly and repeatedly without having to wait for all components to be completed and used Silk Center Test Manager to track the results of each test case.


Ultimately, OPM’s systems were more accurate and up to date as the result of Enlightened’s successful project execution.

Services Provided

  • Designed and managed Technical Design, Database Design, and Data Migration documents
  • Utilized OPM’s SDLC methodologies from their Lead Technical Analysts (LTA) and Data Team in document management
  • Created and modified code using the EPIC development standards and NIST requirements
  • Tested developed components
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