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Procurement Assessment Recommendations

The goal is to identify opportunities to enhance the current system, provide recommendations for improving operations, manage strategic sourcing, evaluate organizational alignment, and identify potential cost savings. This effort requires a comprehensive, holistic approach involving stakeholders from across the institution, benchmarking leading practices, and developing a strategic action plan.

The foundation of a successful procurement system begins with a focus on mission, vision, and values. With a commitment to integrity, compliance, and accountability, focus extends to a collaborative, customer-centric approach with an emphasis on leading practices. This approach encompasses a commitment to leveraging innovation, promoting the most effective use of technology, adopting state-of-the-art procurement methods, and enhancing related communications throughout the system.

This comprehensive assessment requires a structured framework to include a focus on the customer, a focus on the procurement workforce, and well-designed performance measures for all components of the procurement system. The measures of performance address not only business processes and major spend areas such as capital programs, grants, and purchase cards, but also economic inclusion, diversity supplier spend, sustainable purchasing, and other special emphasis programs.

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